Wife’s compulsive DVR use is causing tension during television time

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married 47 years. Since she retired from her job, she has become addicted to her DVR. She records everything she can think of to watch “later.” She has shows she recorded from last year but hasn’t watched, and they take up 90% of her DVR disc. She uses only about 10% for new shows that she watches to make room for other programs. So, every night, we have to watch what she has recorded that day to make room for the next day’s recordings.

If I say anything about it, she gets very upset and it causes tension. I don’t mind some of the shows, but there aren’t that many I will spend time watching. I wish there was a support group for husbands of women who are addicted to their DVRs so we could understand what’s going on in their heads. How should I deal with the problem? — SAVED FOR LATER IN TEXAS

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