2 women shoot Roselawn restaurant owner over food order

2 women shoot Roselawn restaurant owner over food order

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – Two women allegedly assaulted and shot a restaurant owner on Friday in Roselawn.

Anasia Shinholster, 25, is accused of shooting the owner of Yummi Xpress in his left arm after he refused to give the customer her money back on July 22.

Shinholster was accompanied by Sakaria Williams, 30, who “sucker punched” an employee in the face, which is what sparked the shooting to occur, court documents said.

Williams allegedly asked Shinholster to shoot multiple times, resulting in the injury of the restaurant owner.

According to court documents, Shinholster is being charged with felonious assault, and Williams is being charged with complicity.

Shinholster’s attorney said in court Monday the 25-year-old might’ve acted in self-defense.

“Not to get into the facts of this case, but it sounds like an issue of self-defense,” Shinholster’s attorney explained. “I think the facts will bear that out at trial.”

Court documents say that a judge set both of their bonds to $10,000 each.

Police arrested the women Saturday. They are currently booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center.


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