Family Drama Intensifies With Dogs’ Disappearance

by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have inherited four dogs from relatives. I was out of state for a month (my husband was home) when two of them were dognapped, driven 42 miles away and abandoned in the wilderness. I suspected who had done it right away, but when I heard where the dogs had been abandoned, I knew without a doubt. We were lucky: One dog was microchipped, which eventually led him back to us. Both were cared for by rescue foundations until I could bring them home.

The person who did it is our son’s girlfriend — and the mother of his child. We are appalled and feel betrayed and sickened. My son admitted he knew she had done it. He showed remorse and gave a heartfelt apology. She has completely avoided us, with no admission or apology.

Should we press charges for stealing our dogs and abandoning them? They live on our property in a home we own, and pay nothing to live here. She and I used to be close. Now my husband and I no longer want to have her around. All trust is gone. Please advise me how to deal with this. — VICTIM IN OHIO

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