US Postal Service raises prices: how much do stamps cost starting today, 10 July?

As of today, Sunday 10 July 2022, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is raising the price of postage in the US, with a regular first-class stamp now costing two cents more than before.

First-Class Mail Forever stamp: new price

Having previously been priced at 58 cents, the First-Class Mail Forever stamp will now cost 60 cents for standard-sized letters weighing up to one ounce.

According to the USPS, a letter sent with a First-Class Mail Forever stamp can be expected to arrive in one to five business days. The ‘forever’ part of its name refers to the fact that it will never expire, even if the price of postage increases.

Metered first-class postage up by four cents

A standard-sized one ounce letter mailed using metered first-class postage will cost 57 cents per stamp – a four-cent rise on its former price. Metered stamps, which tend to be used by businesses, are printed directly onto mail using a postage meter.

10-cent rise on price of international letter

Meanwhile, a postcard sent within the US now costs 44 cents, up from 40 cents, and the price of an international letter has risen from $1.30 to $1.40.

The price of a domestic package (up to 13 ounces) now starts at $4.50.

Take a look at the USPS’s full updated price list

USPS: main first-class postage prices at a glance

  • Letter (up to one ounce): 60 cents
  • Metered letter (up to one ounce): 57 cents
  • Price per additional ounce for letters: 24 cents
  • Domestic postcard: 44 cents
  • International letter: $1.40

Prices rises key Delivering for America plan – USPS

“As inflation and increased operating expenses continue, these price adjustments will help with the implementation of the Delivering for America plan, including a $40 billion investment in core Postal Service infrastructure over the next ten years,” the USPS said in a statement in April.

Unveiled in 2021, the 10-year Delivering for America plan seeks to “transform the United States Postal Service from an organization in financial and operational crisis to one that is self-sustaining and high performing”, the USPS says.

The scheme includes $2bn of investment in upgrading the service’s technology, while $20bn is to be spent on its mail and packaging processing network.

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