Happy Birthday America! TNBD’s Musical Tribute to Our Beloved Country




Happy 4th of July friends!

Welcome to TNBD’s tribute to Our Wonderful Country on this beautiful night. It’s an Honor to have you with us here and we couldn’t be more thankful to have you all.

Let me take a moment to personally thank all the Veterans and Police out there who have put their lives on the line or still do to keep this Country that so Many have fought for safe for our citizens to live a happy and prosperous life. If it wasn’t for you, I’m scared to think where this Country would be.


So from me and my family, I Thank You for your time, effort and sacrifice. May the Lord Bless You, Your Families and the United States of America! The Greatest Country that ever existed on planet Earth!


And Thankyou to all of our commenters here that stand up for America on a daily, you guys are incredible!


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