Alec Baldwin Threatens Twitter User: ‘I’ll Find You’

Alec Baldwin Threatens Twitter User: ‘I’ll Find You’


A Twitter user found himself in an argument with Alec Baldwin over a comment.

The tweets have since been deleted, but Mike Williams preserved his exchange with the actor with screenshots.

It began when leftist Alec Baldwin made a political comment on Twitter about Donald Trump: “Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent. I mean… what more do you need?”

Williams then replied, “Better than shooting you[r] cinematographer.”

Mike is not wrong.

Alec Baldwin had none of it and responded, “When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize. I’ll find you Mike.”


“When I’m eventually not charged with any crime,” is not a good comeback.

Williams did not even call the actor a criminal. He simply stated an event that actually occurred: Baldwin shot his cinematographer.

In October 2021, anti-gun advocate and noted shooter Alec Baldwin claimed that he was given a real gun that should have had a blank round in the chamber, but instead was loaded, on the set where he fired the weapon and shot his cinematographer, resulting in her death.

It is not a good idea to argue your innocence and then threaten to find someone in the same sentence… or at all, really. If Baldwin makes good on his promise of finding Williams, might we recommend leaving the prop guns at home?


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