Dog owner sues rock ‘n’ roll accountant, NYC co-op to block eviction for barking

Dog owner sues rock ‘n’ roll accountant, NYC co-op to block eviction for barking


He works for a symphonic rock band — but a barking dog isn’t music to his ears!

An accountant who rents out his Upper East Side co-op apartment is being sued by the downstairs neighbor for trying to get her evicted over the alleged “incessant” yapping of her dog “Snowball.”

Adam Seidel, comptroller of the company that manages the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is accused in court papers of a “non-stop course of harassment” against Blanche Zelmanovich, who bought the 18-pound, West Highland White Terrier in January 2021.

Seidel’s alleged “threatening and harassing behavior” includes sending Zelmanovich text messages in which he vowed to “do everything within my power to assist the building in having you and/or your dog removed” and warned, “Think smart about how you’d like this to end.”

Zelmanovich’s Manhattan Supreme Court suit alleges that Seidel “aided” co-defendant Eastmore Owners Corp. in serving with her a notice last year that accuses her of violating her lease and the house rules.


Zelmanovich says that the complaints about her pet “have largely come” from Seidel’s unidentified tenant and that at least 15 other residents have signed sworn affidavits that describe Snowball as “a quiet and well-behaved dog.”

do not find the noise coming from Blanche’s apartment excessive at all,” neighbor Dalton Ang wrote.

“In fact, I can barely hear Blanche or Snowball from my apartment, and that is coming from a person who lives right next door to them.”

Zelmanovich also says she suffers from “severe anxiety” and got Snowball to provide “emotional support and comfort.”

Last month, an executive at Allied Partners, which manages the building, wrote in an affidavit that the company had received “numerous complaints” about Snowball, mostly from the apartment “directly above,” including “countless hours” of audio recordings made there, “as well as in the hallway outside of Plaintiff’s residence.”

Snowball dog

Allied Vice President Adrienne Alicea also said neither the company nor the co-op board “has ever received written notice from any medical provider … indicating any disability suffered by Plaintiff nor any prescription for the dog as an emotional support animal.”

Seidel, who lives in Port Washington on Long Island, declined to comment Friday and his lawyer didn’t return an email from The Post.

The Eastmore’s lawyer also didn’t return a message and the building’s doorman said Zelmanovich’s upstairs neighbor “has nothing to say.”

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