TNBD Clicking ads marathon TUESDAY


Do you click ads to support your favorite News site?

We all support our favorite site by commenting on, liking, linking, etc.  But do you take it a step further? Do you also click ads on sites to support them? Do you think there is anything wrong with purposely clicking the ads while having a extra second? Is it so awful to view advertisements by our sponsors and in doing so letting us get credit for it?

We won’t bullshit each other, the Ads on TNBD are how this place runs. It’s how we are able to have games, donate to our favorite charities, the Death Pool…everything you are about guys.

Tuesday, TNBD will be running a CLICK on the ads marathon

Starting at midnight Eastern Time Monday until midnight Tuesday, TNBD is having a click on ads marathon.  We are calling for our entire community to make a sincere effort to read as many of the ads that appear on our Main Page, and all News Pages, and see what our advertisers are offering.  We wouldn’t dream of asking that you actually buy products.  That is up to you. But we would appreciate you viewing that ads and evaluate what our advertisers have.

Could you do them the favor of maybe temporarily suspending your anti-Ad feature, if you have it, and clicking on as many ads as you can tolerate?  You can do it, right?




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