Michael Moore EMERGENCY SYSTEM: Millions Must Respond.

Michael Moore EMERGENCY SYSTEM: Millions Must Respond.


The choices we make in the next few hours will determine the fate of our democracy.

The Supreme Court ruled, once again, that women are indeed second-class citizens — stripped of their rights to control their own bodies, and forced to give birth should they become pregnant.

This is one of the worst abominations ever committed by this country. And if we don’t act, RIGHT NOW, they will get away with it.

So, on this day of infamy, I ask, I beg, I IMPLORE you —



Join me and the other millions in the majority and PLEDGE TO FIGHT BACK — today, tonight, and EVERY DAY until full rights are restored to women.

Click here to find out where tonight’s protests are in your area.

Remove all Republicans in November.

— Mike

These groups will connect you with protests near you all summer long:

We Won’t Go Back

Planned Parenthood: Bans Off Our Bodies

Women’s March: Summer of Rage Initiative

Want to do more than march?

Organized by Abortion Access Front, led by abortion activitsts, Operation Save Abortion is a virtual, all-day abortion activism training session on July 17th to teach you & your posse all the different ways you can join the fight for abortion access.


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