YouTube Announces Next Stage of its Black Voices Fund to Support Black Creators

YouTube has announced the next stage of its Black Voices funding initiative, with applications now open for the 2023 program.

YouTube’s Black Voices program aims to provide assistance and support for Black creators on the platform, in order to help them maximize their content performance.

As explained by YouTube:

“As a member of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund Class of 2023, grantees will be partnered with a dedicated YouTube Strategic Partner manager to optimize and grow their channel and receive a grant that can be used to help elevate their channel.”

The program is a part of YouTube’s broader effort to support marginalized communities, who are still underrepresented in many respects. Research also shows that members of the Black community often have trouble gaining government-allocated support, especially in creative sectors.

And as with all artists, which are essentially small businesses, YouTube creators have been hit by the pandemic, which has forced many to reassess their career direction and opportunities. YouTube’s hoping to provide a clearer pathway to maximize their success in the app – and with the platform paying out billions to creators each year, there definitely is a lot of potential there.

Helping to show the way for Black creators could play a big role in fueling the creator economy, while also facilitating greater equity in the process.

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