WATCH: Horrifying video shows Detroit sicko aiming gun at man holding baby

WHorrifying video shows Detroit sicko aiming gun at man holding baby

A gunman was caught on video surveillance pointing a weapon at the head of another man — who was holding an infant — during a dispute at a Detroit gas station Sunday, cops and a report said.

Still shots from the harrowing footage released by police Monday show the victim juggling the sleeping 7-month-old baby with one arm while putting out his other hand in an apparent effort to shield the child from the gunman.

The victim, who has not been identified, told police he was followed by his attacker into the Valero gas station at the intersection of Hubble and Tireman avenues in the Michigan city, Detroit’s Fox 2 News reported.

The outlet said it appeared the men had been in some kind of argument beforehand outside.

When the assailant pulled his gun, the young father threw up his arm while still holding the baby, hitting the weapon and possibly causing it to malfunction, police said.

Surveillance video then showed the gunman, wearing a white tank-top and a brimmed hat, exiting the gas station, fumbling with his pistol.

Police put out a call for tips Monday, and within hours announced an arrest in the case. The suspect has not yet been identified.

The precinct praised the public on Twitter for the swift response to its request for information.

“The 2nd Precinct would like to thank our community for providing information which led us to taking this individual into custody,” it said.


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