Caitlyn Jenner backs ban on transgender swimmers competing against biological women — ‘What’s fair is fair!’ — and leftists go nuts

Caitlyn Jenner attends the Harper's Bazaar Icons by Carine Roitfeld event at The Plaza Hotel in New York, NY on September 7, 2018. (Photo by Stephen Smith/SIPA USA) (Newscom TagID: sipaphotoseight501804.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

On the heels of swimming’s international governing body banning transgender women from competing against biological women if they don’t transition by age 12, former Olympic champion and transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner backed the ban.

“It worked!” Jenner tweeted Sunday in response to the FINA ruling. “I took a lot of heat — but what’s fair is fair! If you go through male puberty you should not be able to take medals away from females. Period.”

How are folks reacting?

Jenner being an outspoken and controversial figure means the former world champion’s tweet got a lot of attention — and as you might guess, leftists hated Jenner’s take. Here are some examples:

  • “How do you identify as a female after this statement?” one Twitter commenter wondered.
  • “Breaking News – Transgender Celebrity is anti LGBTQI,” another user declared.
  • “You are happy about removing your own people from something. Wow,” another commenter said.
  • “You’re out of date, Caitlyn,” another user stated. “Celebrating a blanket-ban on your own is dreadful.”
  • “You are a traitor and a fraud. Don’t expect a warm welcome at any trans or LGBT thing ever,” another commenter warned. “You are despicable.”
  • “Can we please ban @Caitlyn_Jenner? She’s done more to stir hatred against the trans community than anyone on earth,” another user said. “But at least she’s joined the 1%…vote-wise …”
  • “You are a true jackass; I am sure the Republicans will give you the same respect they gave the Log Cabin Republicans,” another commenter predicted. “Stay in your wealthy, not-caring-about-anything lane, Caitlyn.”
  • “How is it that you are trans yourself, but you are a transphobe and a homophobe?! I don’t get it,” another user asked. “Don’t you play on a women’s golf team, too?? Maybe you should be banned from that … No wonder why your kids want nothing to do with you; I’d feel the same way.”
  • “You are an asshole who doesn’t understand medical suppression or basically human biology,” another commenter exclaimed. “You are no friend or ally to the community you claim to be a part of. Shame on you!”

But also a surprising number of commenters agreed with Jenner:

  • “Speaking as a trans woman, we all understand this truth,” one user noted. “Acceptance is vital but not at the cost of defying logic. Unfortunately the political arm of the trans movement doesn’t see it that way.”
  • “Never thought a day would come where I’ll be supporting a transgender woman’s statement,” another commenter stated. “I’m glad there are still sane ones amongst them.”
  • “Thank you for helping so much with this. I know you took a lot of heat, and I know you are NOT anti LGBTQ. You knew from personal experience that this was wrong and you fought to stop it,” another user said. “You’ve become a good role model for the trans community. Thank you!”

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