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This is a place to comment all you want about the news. If we know you, request access to post your own stories, and see what kind of comments you can attract. If you’re new, just go around the stories and find your posting voice, and let us hear what you think. Have fun, but we don’t allow Spamming, Targeted Harassment, Threats, Doxxing or Revealing Personal Information, or Trolling. There is a difference between arguing, arguing childishly, and just arguing to provoke a fight. That is the kind of trolling we don’t allow. Oh, and we don’t allow the outright bashing of The United States of America. We don’t care how “true” your stories are; if you’re just here to bash the U.S. over and over again, then that will be considered trolling. Sorry. Our sandbox.


See that?

That’s family!

TNBD is under constant attack. It gets so old. But you guys are what it’s all about.

Right when you think you’ve had enough you get reminded what we are all about here.


Here’s a song Steelie put up about 5 years ago? For TNBD.



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