Saturday Night Music here on TNBD🎸



Good evening everyone, I’m glad you could make it tonight.

Yesterday DCL posted a sad story about a man who left behind a relationship that he was hopeful in rekindling and so it turned out…. he wasn’t so lucky.

It kinda made me feel for the poor guy and put me in the mood for some sad blues music for tonight’s topic.

Have any of you tried to re-light that candle with an ex?🕯️ How about someone new and it didn’t quite work out and it bummed you out? Remember that feeling you felt?

How about we translate that feeling into some music tonight and get down with some tracks like that? But if that aint’cha mood tonight and ya wanna rock instead or do something else..,

Well dammit! Feel free to! That’s what we’re here for..

Just let it out and let the world know!

And thanx again for choosing TNBD for your Saturday Night Music stop, we love having y’all here with us..

Peace my Friends✌😎 🎷


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