After 16 Years, I Still Thought She Was The One

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I am retired and very very lonely. My days are filled with going to the bookstore and going on the computer just to kill time and get out of the house. I did have a girlfriend – we broke up 16 years ago. I constantly think about her and feel that she was the person for me.

I recently reached out to her on Facebook, and she did respond to me. We real-time chatted for about 20 minutes before I had to go. She then messaged me two weeks later, and we messaged back and forth a couple of times. The following month I messaged her, she replied and I responded, then I never heard back from her again.

This was five months ago and I can’t stop thinking about what I might have done wrong. I thought maybe there might have been a chance to reconnect, and would give anything to be with her. I am not into apps and not interested in dating sites and trying to explain my lack of social life all these years. I feel I will die alone. It seems like all I see are people with people and wonder what happened to me.

– Lonely

After 16 years, I still thought she was the one

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