‘I’m from Ukraine and men constantly offer to marry me – the proposals are embarrassing’

‘I’m from Ukraine and men constantly offer to marry me – the proposals are embarrassing’

BySamantha Bartlett

A model from Ukraine says she’s inundated with offers from men to marry her as the country remains at war with Russia.

However, Louisa Khovanski says she wants to stay in her country as she branded some of the proposals “embarrassing”.

Requests have come from several countries, including Brazil, the United States and Spain, but the 28-year-old has refused them all.

“I’ve already received more than a thousand marriage requests to get me out of Ukraine, but still I’m not going out,” she told CO Press.

Louisa, who also works as a game developer, added: “Men have offered me 200 camels, as well as gold, teas and even lifelong foot washes every day.”

Model Louisa Khovanski poses in a crop top and checked skirt

As well as her game developer job, Louisa also makes money on OnlyFans selling sexy snaps and videos to her admirers.

The stunner, who boasts 2.6million Instagram followers, says she makes around £50,000 a month from the site. This is largely due to admirers who love her 30HH boobs.

However, despite drawing in subscribers with her large chest, the model claimed back in May that her boobs ‘put her in danger’.

Model Louisa Khovanski poses in a strapless cream dress
Model Louisa Khovanski poses in a red satin dress

She says she plans to reduce them as they leave her in ‘constant pain’, are uncomfortable in clothes and also stop her doing ‘basic cardio’.

Despite planning a reduction, Louisa recently shared her tips on how to ‘dress large chests correctly’.

She said women who have larger breasts should focus on ‘pieces and looks that value them’.

The model said: “Thin straps enhance our breasts and end up making our necks thinner, bringing a whole delicacy to your look.

“You should also avoid super-closed pieces, because instead of valuing your breasts, you end up leaving them with a greater volume and less sexy.”

She continued: “The best necklines for those who want to show their breasts are those in ‘V’ or ‘U’ shape because this opening also enhances the bosom and breasts.

“And an infallible tip is to wear pieces with the shoulders out, so you can show your breasts more in a very sexy way.”


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