Garbage truck crashes, overturns in front yard of Brighton Heights home

Garbage truck crashes, overturns in front yard of Brighton Heights home

No injuries reported in crash on Beckham Street in Pittsburgh

A city garbage truck careened downhill and overturned, landing on the front lawn of a home in Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

Sky 4 video showed the truck on its side against the front of the house in the 1400 block of Beckham Street.

Video shared with Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 showed the truck losing control on Leonora Street as it headed toward Beckham and tipped over, sliding into the front of the home.

“I was actually upstairs in the bedroom watching TV and I heard a big bang and the whole house shook,” said Sandra Lucas, whose home was sideswiped by the garbage truck while coming down the hill. “Oh my God, I didn’t know what happened. So I checked the windows and I found out it was a garbage truck that did all this damage, ended up in the neighbor’s front yard. I feel so sorry for them.”

The truck went up on Lucas’ property, damaging an awning, a cement block way and hedges.

“Then he continued alongside the house all the way down, and I think that’s what threw him across the road into that house because he slipped off of the hillside, had no control,” Lucas said.

Multiple tow trucks responded. The truck was eventually uprighted and removed from the property.

Neighbors said parked cars were also damaged as a result of the crash.

“This whole row here was full of cars and I guess the first couple are probably totaled now,” said John Moser, a next door neighbor whose car was also damaged. “It was right here in front. We had two of them here. One of them we pulled away, and the first one they had to tow out of here.”

The owners of the house where the truck landed told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that their young children are typically playing in the front yard but due to the heat, they were all inside during the crash. Their home has significant damage, but no one was physically injured.

The homeowners tell Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that their home has been condemned.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

“Preliminarily, it looks like workers were out of the truck moving items when the emergency brake possibly gave and the truck rolled down the hill,” Public Safety spokeswoman Amanda Mueller said in an email.

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