Help! My Niece Loves Showing Off Her New Boobs. I Need Her to Stay Away From My Husband.

Help! My Niece Loves Showing Off Her New Boobs. I Need Her to Stay Away From My Husband.


Our niece recently got a boob job. She looks great. The problem is that she always is dressed inappropriately at FAMILY gatherings. It’s beyond ridiculous. We have to sit across the table from her while she’s flaunting her boobs. I mean her shirts are low-cut below her front bra line and she’s way too exposed. She might as well be wearing a bikini top. Sooooo inappropriate! Even when visiting her 90-year-old grandfather.

My husband is a diagnosed sex addict. I just can’t handle this. I find this situation inescapable. We can’t not attend family gatherings. I dread them now. No one else seems to care.

We were at my husband’s 60th birthday dinner last night and not a single other female in the restaurant was dressed like her. Her mother used to be the same way but has finally curbed it somewhat due to her older age. She’s no longer as big of a concern compared to her daughter. Obviously the niece learned it from her mother. The niece has a new boyfriend at every event practically; we can’t keep up with their names.

I go out of my way to dress appropriately around the family. I try to set an example. I have large breasts too and am not jealous. I just have to worry if my husband is looking and feeding her desperateness. It’s awful. I secretly cry over it.

What can I do short of divorcing my husband to end this misery??? I’m so sick of it. We have another birthday celebration tomorrow night for the 90-year-old grandfather and she will no doubt be dressed beyond inappropriate. I can’t deal with this anymore!


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