This Lady Says It All With Her Neck Tattoo!

A Toledo woman arrested for an attack during a fit of road rage

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A Toledo woman was arrested for attacking another woman in a fit of road rage.

Lateisha Fonseca, 37, is facing charges including felonious assault victim seriously harmed and aggravated robbery with an attempt to inflict serious physical harm.

According to court documents, Fonseca attacked a woman by breaking the driver’s side window of the victim’s vehicle and striking the victim with a sharpened object in the face on June 7. The report details that Fonseca almost removed the victim’s left eyelid. She was hospitalized and underwent surgery to repair her eyelid.

The documents say video evidence and victim statements show Fonseca took the victim’s cell phone and fled the scene.

A judge set her bond at $50,000 at no percent on the felonious assault charge and $100,000 at no percent on the aggravated robbery charge. She’s scheduled to be back in court on June 21.

Note: the defendant’s mugshot has been edited due to an expletive in her tattoo. It says FUCK YOU


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