Pregnant woman recovering after being attacked by 3 pit bulls

Pregnant woman recovering after being attacked by 3 pit bulls

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. — A pregnant Escambia County woman says she thought she was going to die after being attacked by three pit bulls Saturday, as she walked through Lewis Powell Athletic Park.

The woman who was attacked, Aiesha Barber, spoke to Channel 3 Monday about her horrific experience.

Barber says she is lucky to be alive after the pit bulls tore at her arms and legs. She says the attack happened so quickly.

“I thought I was gonna get killed,” Barber said. “I didn’t see anybody so I gave up on hope and I just kind of stood there.”

Barber was walking through Lewis Powell Athletic Park Saturday morning around 10 a.m. when she noticed three pit bulls in a field.

Barber says they then started to become aggressive.

“As I was starting to run, I fell on the ground and I got back up and tried to run again,” Barber said.

That’s when she says the pit bulls attacked her. She was pinned inside a soccer goal.

“They were biting my arms and legs,” Barber said. “All I could do is scream for help.”

Barber managed to call 911 while the dogs were biting her arms and legs. Two good Samaritans heard her cries and rushed over to help her.

“Sounded like somebody was getting attacked and that’s all we heard was screaming,” one of the good Samaritans told Channel 3. “We went and got pitchforks. I brought the dogs to me so the woman could get away.”

Escambia County Animal Welfare captured two of the dogs Sunday. They say someone in the neighborhood shot the third dog after it became aggressive.

The two dogs are now being held in quarantine, being observed for rabies for ten days,

Animal welfare doesn’t know if the dogs are strays or have owners.

“We picked them up on Sunday and we’ve been unable to locate the owners at this time,” John Robinson, Director of Escambia County Animal Welfare said.

Barber says she is still in a lot of pain and is having trouble sleeping.

“They cant prescribe me any pain pills because I’m two months pregnant,” Barber said.

Barber received 10 stiches as a result of the attack and many bite marks. But she says she’s glad her baby wasn’t harmed.

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