Keeping Up With the Cohens

Keeping Up With the Cohens

by Sara Esther Crispe

Dear Rachel,

We live in a very affluent area, one that is far above our means and economic level. The problem is that our children go to school with other wealthy children, and expect to have the same clothing, gadgets and lifestyle that all of their friends have. Being that our children are pretty young (elementary and junior high school age), we don’t feel that it is appropriate or their business to have to explain our economic situation. At the same time, with school starting, they want brand new backpacks and a new wardrobe like everyone else, and not only can’t we afford it, but we see nothing wrong with the backpack from last year that is in great condition or the barely worn hand-me-downs that they wore last year. Yet my children feel like they are being neglected! Any advice?

Can’t keep up with the Cohens


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