Woman’s Horror To Discover Live Lizard Hiding In Pants She Wore

Woman’s Horror To Discover Live Lizard Hiding In Pants She Wore

There’s nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes — except maybe finding a live animal in them.

That was the unfortunate case for one Florida woman, who revealed on TikTokthat she went on a garment investigation after feeling something was awry in the pants region.

“I just took my pants off because I felt something sharp,” user @uss__andrea said in the clip, which has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

“I put my hand around the sharp thing,” she continues, as she repeats “I know what it is.”

The TikTok shows the end of a reptile’s tail poking out from the purple pants. The woman gets progressively more concerned, walking outside holding the pants.

“Oh God,” she says, realizing what it is. “It’s a live lizard.”

The small reptile then quickly uncurls and darts away before the video cuts out.

“I just want everyone to know I was wearing lizard pants for about 10 minutes before I noticed there was a problem,” she added in the comments.

Users found the woman’s discovery equally horrifying and amusing.

“New fear unlocked,” one commenter declared, while another said it was their “worst fear.”

“This is why I can’t live in Florida,” another joked.

Others shared moments when their personal space had been invaded by a small critter.

“My friend’s baby was crying and we didn’t know why. There was a lizard in her diaper,” one TikTok user commented.

“This happened to me. But it was a spider,” wrote another.

Luckily, the woman seems unperturbed by the lizard’s pants invasion.

“Live lizard was probably best possibility,” she wrote good-naturedly in a comment.



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