Toddler Missing For 2 Days: Man Opens Door, Realizes Pitbull Had Her

Toddler Missing For 2 Days: Man Opens Door, Realizes Pitbull Had Her

What’s more painful than losing your baby? The Campbell family thought they lost their baby Charlee after she went missing for 36 hours. It was the most distressing and agonizing hours of their life. They immediately notified the police and everyone was searching for the missing child.

But it was not just the family who was shocked after seeing her alive and well, she was not alone. When the police found her, they couldn’t believe who they found with her. And Charlee’s story would end up shocking the entire town, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes

Charlee Campbell was just a typical two-year-old baby girl living in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky with her grandmother. Like any other child, she was enjoying her childhood going around the house and running in their backyard. She was not just loved by the whole family, but the whole town.

It was just like any other ordinary day, Beth Campbell, little Charlee’s grandmother was relaxing in her house as she knew that her granddaughter was happily playing around outside with their dog, Penny. But she panicked when she could not find Charlee. She was nowhere to be found.

As soon as Beth realized that their precious little one was not around their house, she went to her neighbors to ask if they saw Charlee. Every time, her neighbors shook their heads and said “no,” to her painful question, “Have you seen Charlee?” Beth was getting more and more nervous.

Beth could not help but think of the bad things that might happen to her beloved granddaughter. When the neighborhood learned about the situation, they joined Beth in her search for the young child.

The whole neighborhood was in distress searching for her. As the sun started to set, and the night sky was beginning to appear, there was no clue as to where Charlee was. It seems that the word ‘anxious’ would never be enough to describe what they were feeling at that time.

The most heartbroken was Charlee’s parents and family. Natalie Quick, her mother, and Lisa Chesher, her great-grandmother, along with Beth were truly heartbroken with the disappearance of their precious little one. And as night came, the family, neighborhood, and local authorities did not stop searching for Charlee or praying for her safety.

The search continued, and before they knew it they were already two days into the hunt. Charlee’s family worked along with the sheriff’s office to locate her for almost two days, looking for the little girl who, as they believed, had wandered off into the woods nearby.

Many people became involved, each had exerted a considerable amount of effort and time into the search. In fact, they even “interviewed several family members Thursday and Friday during the search, along with the FBI,” as Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office told INSIDER. Fortunately, the missing girl was not alone after all.

Though the family was obviously in a catastrophic state, the fact that the little girl was out there in the wilderness was hard to swallow. Only the local authorities went into the woods to search for her because they could not risk putting civilians in the same danger.

The sheriff, together with the police and the firefighters, went in and out of the woods several times, still not giving up on finding Charlee. But they couldn’t help but feel worried when they witnessed and experienced the danger of the wild themselves. The local authorities could not deny that they thought about what may have already happened to the child.

The search crews and FBI agents spent hours Thursday and Friday in the heat and humidity. The terrain was also rocky, dangerous and full of snakes. The police were all equipped and ready to go into the wild and try their luck again when suddenly one of their neighbors reported the news they have been waiting for: Charlee was finally found! However, she was not alone.

Among all the concerned, the first sigh of relief came from the man who found her first – Wayne Brown. He recalled how he had been sitting on his sofa as he was praying for Charlee’s return. It was then when he saw a blonde-haired girl wandering in his backyard.

Brown told the story to the police in detail, describing the little girl’s appearance when he saw her. “I seen the dirt all over her, and she had leaves in her hair, and I opened the door, and I said ‘Are you Charlee?’ And she handed me this bottle. And I said ‘Are you Charlee?’ She didn’t answer me. She wouldn’t say anything.”

But he was also shocked that she was not the only one who emerged from the woods

With Charlee’s disappearance, Beth and the whole family did not notice that it was not just the child who went missing. There was someone else who was missing and that they hadn’t noticed.

But when he emerged from the woods with Charlee they couldn’t have been more relieved to find out that he was with her.

Penny, her dog, was gone too for 36 hours, and when Charlee was found Penny was found with her, and apparently was with her the whole time.


The family could not be more than thankful that Charlee was not alone in the woods when she was lost. However, little did everyone know that Wayne Brown had pain of his own, too.

The news of Charlee’s return spread in the neighborhood, and that she was accompanied by their brave pet. The community couldn’t help but be amazed with the dog’s loyalty and courage.

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