Help! My Mom Stopped Talking to Me Because I Got a Pit Bull.

Help! My Mom Stopped Talking to Me Because I Got a Pit Bull.


I’m a 37-year-old married woman, and I have a 9-year-old daughter. My mom and I have had a good relationship with phone calls just about every day, going to dinner when my stepdad is away, etc. Of course, we have our disagreements on certain things, like hairstyles and dog breeds to have as a family pet.

My husband, daughter, and I went to visit a friend in December. She had a pit bull in a cage that they had rescued from a bad situation, but wasn’t able to keep him nor take him to the pound because of his breed type. So with previous experience with the breed, the three of us wanted to see if he would be the right fit, his demeanor around small children and other animals, etc. It turns out he was amazing, so we brought him home.

Fast forward to April. My mom came to stay with me for the first time in seven years. I never told her about the new addition to our family because I knew all hell would break loose and I didn’t want to deal with it. She found out and now she hasn’t talked to me or returned any of my text messages, and if she has a question, she goes through my stepdad. She met the dog while she stayed with me and he never growled nor barked at her. I don’t know why she hates him so much and hates me having him around my daughter. This dog has never gotten aggressive with my daughter or any of my pets, I never leave my daughter alone with him, he’s never bit her, nothing. He’s protective over her a little more than my husband and I, but that’s it.

What should I do about my mother and the way she’s acting about this?

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