Police officer fired for getting a ‘purely nasty’ tattoo on his hands

Police officer fired for getting a ‘purely nasty’ tattoo on his hands

An Ohio police officer was recently fired from his position over a bizarre tattoo selection.

Eric Weyda was recently fired from the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD), according to public records obtained by WLWT News, due to circumstances stemming from a tattoo he got on his hands. Weyda had the word “Pure” above the knuckles on his right knuckles and the word “Evil” on his left.

According to police files, Weyda was fired at the end of April for disobedience and disregard for good behavior. His superiors had found out about the tattoos four months earlier. Officers are prohibited from getting tattoos on their face, neck, head, and hands, according to department policy. Beyond the policy violation, the department also found that the expression he had chosen did not lend itself to a healthy relationship between the police and the public.

“Officer Weyda’s tattoos are an ongoing and permanent violation,” the department head said in a comment. “Furthermore, Officer Weyda’s tattoos do not promote the Cincinnati Police Department’s professional and neutral image and damage public trust.”

A Cincinnati police officer was fired in April for tattooing the words “Pure Evil” on his ankles. Here is a representative image of someone getting a tattoo.
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Records also show that Weyda was transferred to work on a repossessed lot in the city after his tattoo was reported to supervisors to “limit his public exposure.” The officer attempted to paint the tattoos in a better light while speaking to the CPD’s Internal Investigations Branch, claiming that they were meant to represent the “battle between good and evil” and that the words “pure” and “evil.” ‘ so meant to be read separately. He also refused to have the tattoos removed when asked about it during the inquest, saying the removal procedure was too costly.

“Officer Weyda’s message also has the very real possibility of causing extraordinary damage to police-community relations at both the local and national levels,” an unnamed CPD captain wrote in Weyda’s report.

Weyda is now trying to appeal his termination and has also filed a complaint with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) union.

“The FOP represents all Cincinnati police officers when they participate in the grievance process set forth in our collective bargaining agreement,” said FOP President Dan Hils in a statement on the situation. “Every officer is entitled to a fair hearing and that is what will happen here.”

news week reached out to the Cincinnati Police Department for comment.

CPD records obtained by WLWT also showed Weyda had a mixed history with the department. While he received awards for his investigative skills in 2012 and 2013, he’s also received numerous disciplinary sanctions throughout his career for things like absenteeism and rude phone calls.

Tattoo policies for law enforcement officers are not consistent across the US, with a handful of departments recently changing policies to allow visible ink. In Orlando, Fla., Police Chief Orlando Rolon said the change allows the department to hire officers who better reflect the community they serve, according to ClickOrlando.

“We’re a reflection of the community we serve, we hire people from the community we serve,” Rolon said. “So we have to keep up with the changing trends and I think that was an easy decision.”

The Arlington Police Department in Texas also lifted rules on visible tattoos in May and no longer required officers to cover themselves with long sleeves or pants, police said Dallas morning news.

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