Leftists lose their minds over Kyle Rittenhouse firing machine gun and challenging Biden: ‘Come and take ’em, Joe’

Leftists lose their minds over Kyle Rittenhouse firing machine gun and challenging Biden: ‘Come and take ’em, Joe’

DAVE URBANSKI June 07, 2022

Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday posted a Twitter video of him firing a machine gun at a range, giving a thumbs up, and then saying, “Joe Biden, you’re not coming for our guns.”

What’s more, the text of Rittenhouse’s tweet appears to be a dare directed at the president: “Come and take ’em, Joe.”


Biden has been pushing for more stringent gun-control measures following recent mass killings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. In an address to the nation Thursday, Biden said “the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute.”

How did folks react to Rittenhouse’s tweet?

As you might expect, leftists didn’t like Rittenhouse’s post in the least — but their outrage at Rittenhouse has been on overdrive ever since a jury in November found he acted in self defense when he fatally shot two attackers and blew off the bicep of a third during rioting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the summer of 2020.

Here’s a sampling:

  • “Is that a THREAT against the lawful PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?” one commenter asked while adding a “Secret Service” hashtag.
  • “How about you go join the military like other Americans who want to legally shoot people. …or do you not like the potential of someone shooting back?” another commenter told Rittenhouse.
  • “What happens when a racist judge and jury let idiots go free,” another user declared.
  • “President Biden has far more important things to do then [sic] to worry about ‘taking’ deadly playthings from a small-in-the-pants moron who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow,” another user wrote.
  • “This definitely flirts with threatening a sitting president,” another commenter said. “Firing off 100 rounds in 3 seconds and immediately bringing up the president of the United States in a propaganda video?” The user added “SecretService” and “POTUS” hashtags.
  • “F*** you, you little piece of s**t,” another user said. “MURDERER!”

But not everyone was turned off by Rittenhouse’s post:

  • “This kid has more heart than all the Texas police force combined,” one commenter wrote.
  • “If someone were pointing a gun at you, and you had a gun in your hand, you would’ve shot them, too. It’s called saving your life from a potential criminal/deadly threat,” another user said.
  • “He is not a murderer; in fact, he is a hero, one of the greatest of the last decade who defended himself from violent thugs who were destroying a community,” another commenter wrote. “Honestly he deserves the Medal of Honor to serve as an example for every American.”



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