“Fighting Fire with Fire,” Not Answer to School Shootings Says Idiot Teacher

By Daniel Greenfield




A profoundly stupid article in which the media and its activist municipal union base strive to find reasons why teachers shouldn’t be able to protect students.

Teachers in Ohio are frustrated after lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would allow them and other school staff to carry guns in school safety zones, with little training.

By “teachers”, ABC News means the two they talked to. Two. It technically is plural and can qualify as teachers by one.

“I think that the idea to arm teachers is a way for lawmakers to pass the buck on much bigger issues,” Tate Moore, a seventh-grade English teacher in Ohio, told ABC News.

Moore said he is worried about the “unintended consequences” of teachers carrying guns in schools, saying something bad could happen.

“It seems like more things are getting added to our plate. And nothing is being taken off,” Moore said. “I’m just not sure how much more teachers can take.”

How much more they can take?

All anyone has asked them to do is teach Johnny to read and count in exchange for $70K salaries and two-month vacations and they can’t even manage that. (Not the two months vacation part, they’ve got that covered.)

No one is asking Tate to take a bullet. But those teachers who truly care and have a backbone have the option of defending their students and themselves.

Moore said it is not a teacher’s job to stop a school shooter.

It’s everyone’s job. If you’re human, it’s your job.

“I love to teach and, to me, that is my primary job. So to have this layer added to it is quite terrifying,” Lauren Alberti, a sixth-grade teacher, told ABC News.

Alberti said she is worried this bill would deter people from going into education and result in more teacher shortages

So the theory here is that people won’t want to become teachers because in Ohio, they’ll have the option to carry guns in schools?

Alberti also said she is concerned about it becoming teachers’ responsibility to shoot a gunman and worries what would happen to teachers if they were to shoot and miss.

They’ll be dead. This is exactly what will happen if they don’t have a gun when a school shooter comes in.

“If you really want to eradicate the issue, I don’t think that fighting fire with fire is the answer,” Alberti said.

If someone is shooting at you, fighting fire with fire is exactly how you eradicate the issue.

Alberti said it would be better to work on the root problems that cause shootings, like working on mental health programs and anti-bullying campaigns or even increasing the number of security guards.

Even. We’ll start with the obvious stuff like self-esteem and anti-bullying, maybe a little castration grooming, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll consider paying someone to wait outside while we all get shot.

This is America’s educational system.





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