State leaders demanding accountability from parents with gun pattern in schools

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Sydni Edwards – Yesterday 5:41 PM



Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and state representatives are demanding parents take accountability for their firearms and their children as guns are now the leading cause of death in children in the nation.

“A parent needs to be a parent, know what’s in their child’s book bag, making sure they know what’s in their room and who their friends are. Be noisy don’t be your child’s best friend be a parent,” expressed Lott.

Representative Jermaine Johnson told WACH FOX News he is already working on legislation to hold parents accountable.

“I do have legislation that’s Bill 4811 that would help a parent be responsible and to be held accountable for allowing access to this gun, we got to come together on this one and find solutions to solve it,” says Johnson.

On Thursday a seven-year-old student at Sandlapper Elementary school in Northeast Columbia alerted an administrator that another student had a gun.

Richland County deputies tell us a loaded handgun was found after searching the bookbag.

“We got to educate our kids we can’t wait to they get to middle school or high school this shows we got to got to do it when they’re in elementary school and kindergarten,” says Lott.

The weapon was turned over to the school’s resource officer and now deputies investigate if this incident was intentional.

In a letter to parents in Richland District Two, school officials ask:

“Please help us make sure that weapons are not brought to school. Take a few moments to check bookbags before school to ensure that items that could potentially disrupt school and result in disciplinary consequences remain at home”

“When we have a seven-year-old that gets their hand on a gun like this obviously a parent is not doing all the job that their doing,” says Representative Johnson.

Other state representatives like Representative Wendy Brawley say they are also planning to pass bills that would require all schools to have metal detectors and ban military-grade assault weapons.

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