Dramatic video shows father on his knees begging as hero cop saves his choking baby’s life: ‘Officer, please!’

Dramatic video shows father on his knees begging as hero cop saves his choking baby’s life: ‘Officer, please!’


A Los Angeles Police department sergeant’s body cam footage captured the moment a panicked motorist ran into the road with a listless toddler in his arms.

What are the details?

Sgt. Bumjin Kim was on patrol duty in the area of Bellevue Avenue and Echo Park Avenue on the evening of Jan. 19 when he noticed two parents across the intersection screaming for help.

A release from the LAPD stated that a man in hysterics rushed toward the officer with a limp child in his arms.

The man could be heard screaming, “I don’t know what’s wrong! Officer, please! I don’t know what’s wrong!”

Kim jumped into action and was almost immediately able to clear the choking toddler’s airway after deftly radioing for medical backup.

The unnamed child immediately began crying and gasping for air after the officer dislodged the object from her throat.

“On January 19, an LAPD Sergeant assigned to Rampart Division was on patrol when he saw parents yelling for help, with a lifeless toddler in their arms,” the report said. “Without hesitation, the Sergeant took immediate action, cleared the airway, and seconds later the toddler was breathing.”

‘We shared a hug’

KHOU-TV reported that Kim, a father of a 3-year-old child, said that he is “glad everybody’s safe.”

“The whole incident … 45 seconds, or a minute, whatever it was … but my big thing was at the time was getting the paramedics there,” he said. “And it didn’t hit really me at about what’s going on until got they got there, and there was a sigh of relief once the baby started breathing and crying.”

Kim said that he and the child’s father embraced following the emotional ordeal.

“I spoke to the dad, and … he was grateful. We shared a hug,” Kim said. “I think it was a sigh of relief for both of us fathers.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene and took the child to a local hospital for treatment. She was listed in stable condition and is expected to recover.



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