Here’s a two minute read worth your time. These guys are trying to warn us and these scientists aren’t spewing the baloney of CO2 causing our demise. They know better and a lot of what they’ve been saying has happened or is happening right now. The increase in volcanic activity and the latest eruption, an underwater volcano, is what they said would happen because of the low solar activity. The heavy rains and flooding were all predicted and it hasn’t peaked yet. If we lose a single year’s agriculture world wide it’s going to leave billions scrambling for food. You may not believe it and you can ignore it if you like but if continues and we miss a summer or two, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

They’re acting like this is new news, as if nobody had ever thought of it before: ‘Scientists Discover A Warming Arctic Drove Earth Into The Little Ice Age’. They’re even calling it “surprising”.

As reported by MSN, following an era known as the medieval warm period–so that did exist then…?–temperatures in Europe in the early 15th century plunged in what has become known as The Little Ice Age (LIA).

This remarkable multicentennial period of cold brought increased glaciation to the mountains, an expansion of sea ice, crop failures, famines and disease across the European continent. Flip-flopping summers –with extremes at both ends of the spectrum– were chased by brutally harsh winters, during which rivers and canals routinely froze over. In the UK, for example, the first River Thames “frost fair” was held in 1608, and was an almost annual occurrence until the last one in 1814–so before the AGW Party’s proposed date for the start of the industrial revolution (≈1880) when global temperatures supposedly began climbing due to increasing CO2 emissions …[one day we’ll laugh]…

There are, as there should be and as is healthy, numerous potential explanations for what caused temperatures to plummet during the LIA. Top of the list are heightened levels of volcanic activity, reduced solar activity, and even the impact of the black death reducing the human population–Bill Gates’ fave.

But scientists at the University of Massachusetts believe they have found a “new” key factor in why temperatures plunged to their coldest in 10,000 years–and they’re pretending like it hasn’t already been covered by ‘alternative’ outlets for years: “Surprisingly,” the researchers say, “the cooling appears to have been triggered by an unusually warm episode.”

The “discovery” came after Lead author Francois Lapointe, a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, and Raymond Bradley, distinguished professor in geosciences, also at the University of Massachusetts, came across new data suggesting a rapid change in sea temperatures.

Their previous work, which built a 3,000-year reconstruction of North Atlantic sea surface temperatures, revealed a sudden change from very warm conditions in the late 1300s to unprecedented cold conditions in the early 1400s, only 20 years later.

Using various sources to obtain detailed marine records, Dr Lapointe and Professor Bradley discovered there had been an abnormally strong northward transfer of warm water in the late 1300s which peaked around 1380. As a result, the waters south of Greenland and the Nordic Seas became much warmer than usual.

“No one has recognized this before,” said Dr Lapointe…!?

The researchers explained that there is a transfer of warm water from the tropics to the Arctic. It’s a well-recognized process called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), which can be likened to a planetary conveyor belt. When it is functioning normally, warm water from the tropics flows north along the coast of Northern Europe, and when it reaches higher latitudes and meets colder Arctic waters, it loses heat and becomes denser, causing the water to sink. This deep-water formation then flows south along the coast of North America and continues on to circulate around the world.

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