WATCH: White “Anti” Karen Wows Black TikTokers with Her Shade on White Women

White “Anti” Karen Wows Black TikTokers with Her Shade on White Women

She ended it with “I said what I said.”

White women are finally telling on themselves. And I mean that literally. Well, let me back up a bit.

TikTok user @themaggpie got on her phone and used her big ass (really cute) glasses to read White women for filth.

“White women have no internal power, they wield the power of the men around them,” she began. Our new favorite white woman ragged on her own kind for using their insecurities to silence Black women. “White women are intimidated by and jealous of the divine feminine within the Indigenous and Black communities and the internal power that that brings with them.”

For those who aren’t on the social platform, users can take clips from other videos and use them to start off their own. This is called a “stitch” and is usually used for funny commentary or intense reactions. However, this week one user’s stitch shook Blacktiktok. Yes, that’s really a thing.

The woman in the first clip asks users to stitch her video with something white people aren’t ready to hear.

“White women didn’t have autonomy for a long time so we were taught to sexually exploit ourselves and emotionally manipulate those around us,” she said.

This video has over 117,000 likes. It also got 5,735 comments at the time of this article. One visit to this TikToker’s page will tell you that her comment section is in shambles and she is trying to clap back at everyone she can. So I just want to ask y’all this: Did she lie though?

“The not-all-white-women” bandwagon is probably going to show up in this article’s comments, but let’s talk through this before you cancel me.

The “Karen” trope that has taken over social media in the past year isn’t some new way for Black people to perpetuate “reverse racism,” which isn’t real by the way. Learning that white women weaponize their tears is really a lesson that Black people have grown up with for generations. Everyone else just so happened to find out because of some viral Karen videos.

Black women have had to cling to “Black Girl Magic” because we were gaslit and fetishized, taught to think our bodies, spirits, style and culture were too much. Too ghetto. Too loud. Too angry. Too big. Then we watch the things they told us they didn’t like about our Black womanhood be appropriated.

Before I say too much, watch the TikTok:


@themaggpie #stitch with @auntkaren0 #prowomanism #themaggpie ♬ original sound – Duchess of Mockery

“White women, if this offends you sooooo deeply, think about why. If it don’t apply to you, tell the people it does apply to, but if you’re big mad and offended by it, maybe, JUST MAAAAAAAYBE, you need to seriously reflect,” said one user @astral_projections.

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