The War Between Blue and Red

Before you read the Blue States and the Red States list, let’s find out how the naming of a state with color started!

The Blue States and the Red States are referred to as states of the United States whose voters predominantly choose either the Democratic Party (Blue) or Republican Party (Red) for Presidential and Senatorial Candidates.

The use of the term Blue or Red has been expanded to differentiate between states being perceived as Liberal and those perceived as Conservative. It is now seen that the “Democratic Blue” and “Republican Red” color scheme is now part of the lexicon of American journalism.

However, the fun fact is that neither of the party national committees has officially accepted these color designations, though informal use by each party is becoming common.

Nevertheless, both parties have adopted logos that use their respective colors i.e., a blue “D” for Democrats and a white “GOP” with a red elephant for Republicans.

The following list is tabled from the last Presidential Election 2020.

List Of Blue States And Red States

No. Blue States No. Red States
1 Arizona 1 Alabama
2 California 2 Alaska
3 Colorado 3 Arkansas
4 Connecticut 4 Florida
5 Delaware 5 Idaho
6 Georgia 6 Indiana
7 Hawaii 7 Iowa
8 Illinois 8 Kansas
9 Maine 9 Kentucky
10 Maryland 10 Louisiana
11 Massachusetts 11 Mississippi
12 Michigan 12 Missouri
13 Minnesota 13 Montana
14 Nevada 14 Nebraska
15 New Hampshire 15 North Carolina
16 New Jersey 16 North Dakota
17 New Mexico 17 Ohio
18 New York 18 Oklahoma
19 Oregon 19 South Carolina
20 Pennsylvania 20 South Dakota
21 Rhode Island 21 Tennessee
22 Vermont 22 Texas
23 Virginia 23 Utah
24 Washington 24 West Virginia
25 Wisconsin 25 Wyoming



Note: In Ohio, the winner received a plurality of the vote but did not receive an outright majority of the popular vote. So Ohio is on the red list (Please ignore the map for Ohio)

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