Jimmy Kimmel mocks vaccine skeptics with ‘Anti-Vax Barbie’ parody

Jimmy Kimmel mocks vaccine skeptics with ‘Anti-Vax Barbie’ parody

Just minutes after offering a touching tribute on Monday night to late actor Bob Saget, who passed away over the weekend, late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel got back to his regular shtick of mocking Americans for thinking differently from himself and his Progressive Hollywood friends.

The liberal television personality took a shot at COVID-19 vaccine skeptics with a parody advertisement for an “anti-vax Barbie” during Monday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!.”

“There’s so much stuff to sell to these anti-vaxxers and the folks at Mattel are no dummies,” Kimmel joked Monday night during his show. “They made a mint over Christmas with a twist on what is probably America’s all-time favorite doll.”

Over the next 60 seconds, Kimmel’s show poked fun at a range of controversial claims surrounding COVID-19 vaccines by pitching an anti-vaccine version of America’s favorite doll.

“There’s a new doll in town and the fun is contagious,” a narrator is heard saying as two giggling girls play with the Barbies. “It’s anti-vax Barbie. She’s strong. She’s independent. She doesn’t trust science.”

The two girls then take over the fake commercial, going back-and-forth reciting claims allegedly made by anti-vaxxers.

“Bill Gates is the antichrist,” one girl said while holding a Barbie wearing a shirt that said, “I call my own shots.”

“Vaccines have Satan’s blood,” the other girl added.

“Says here Moderna turns your teeth Jewish,” one girl said while the Barbie doll sat in front of a computer wearing a shirt that said, “I am not your lab rat.”

The narrator then stated that buyers can take their Barbies anywhere from the grocery store to the horse stables before the ad cuts to a pretend grocery store where a masked Barbie employee tells an unmasked Barbie customer that she can’t be in the store without a mask on.

“I have a medical condition,” the unmasked Barbie responded before launching into a fight with the store employee as a third Barbie recorded the incident on her phone.

At the stables, the ad mocked using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 as a Barbie thanked her horse for sharing its medicine. Ivermectin — prescribed by some doctors to treat the disease and famously used by likes of Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers — has been slandered as nothing but a horse dewormer by left-leaning media outlets such as CNN.

Near the end of the fake ad, the narrator joked that the Barbie is available for purchase only in the Republican states of Florida and Kentucky.

Certainly, since the start of the pandemic, numerous unfounded conspiracies about vaccines and COVID-19 treatments have circulated online. Some may be worthy of mocking. But Kimmel’s intentions are clear: He wants to lump all vaccine skeptics into one boat and shame them.

You can watch the full sketch below starting at the 10-minute mark:


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