District Judge Orders FDA to Quicken Release of Pfizer Vaccine Docs

District Judge Orders FDA to Quicken Release of Pfizer Vaccine Docs

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By Paul Joseph Watson

A federal judge has ordered the FDA to quicken the speed of releasing documents related to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine after the government initially claimed it would take 75 years to fully divulge the data.

“In a ruling on Thursday, District Judge Mark Pittman rejected previous arguments from the FDA after it said it might take decades, possibly until 2096, to complete the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request,” reports RT.

“Though the agency said it could only process and publish around 500 pages each month, Pittman said it would have to pick up the pace – instead ordering it to put out 55,000 pages in the same time span.”

This means the release of the documents must be hastened by a factor of more than a hundred.

“The court concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance,” the judge wrote, adding that a drastically quicker release schedule is “not only practicable, but necessary.”

The FDA must now release 12,000 pages by the end of this month but then drastically speed up the release by March. It must also issue a “joint status report” detailing the progress of the rollout by April and then every three months after.

As we previously highlighted, after initially claiming it would take 55 years to release the full data, Pfizer and the feds then elongated that time span by two decades.

The original FOIA request was filed by attorney Aaron Siri on behalf of the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency organization, with Siri arguing that the FDA was able to process the entire trove of Pfizer docs in just 108 days to get the vaccine approval rushed through.

Siri described the FDA’s initial attempt to delay the release as “dystopian,” asking why the federal government could fund Pfizer to the tune of billions, shield them from lawsuits and then deny the American public 451,000 documents about a shot that the Biden administration is trying to make mandatory.

But I’m sure a company that tries to delay full disclosure of data on a vaccine for 75 years and has a history of rampant corruption can be totally trusted to roll out booster shot after booster shot with little oversight whatsoever.

The attorney called the district court ruling a “great win for transparency” that will eliminate a government “stranglehold”on the vaccine data.


Source: Summit News


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