Ahmad Arbury’s killers sentenced to life imprisonment

Ahmad Arbury’s killers sentenced to life imprisonment

ByNatasha Kumar

Travis McMichael (left) and Greg McMichael (center) look at relatives of Ahmad Arbury as they enter the Glynn County courtroom, Brunswick, Georgia. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton, 24 November 2021) & nbsp; Ahmad Arbury’s killers were sentenced to life imprisonment

Greg McMichael, Travis McMichael will spend the rest of his life behind bars, and William Brian will be entitled to seek early release in 30 years

A Brunswick, Georgia court on January 7 sentenced three white men who chased and killed a black Georgia resident, Ahmad Arbury, to life in prison. Two convicts – father and son McMichael – were sentenced without parole.

66-year-old Greg McMichael and 35-year-old Travis McMichael were the instigators of the incident when they staged an armed pursuit of 25-year-old Arbury running down the street. The father and son were joined by their neighbor, 52-year-old William “Roddy” Brian, who videotaped the entire tragic episode, including the fateful moment when Travis McMichael shot Ahmad Arbury with a shotgun, causing his death.

< p>Last November, a jury found all three guilty on various charges, including murder, armed assault and attempted unlawful restraint of personal liberty. According to the verdict, Brian, unlike the McMichael father and son, will have a chance of parole, but this is not guaranteed and can only be considered after the convicted person has served at least 30 years in prison.

Before the verdict was pronounced, the family of the murdered person appealed to the court with a request not to show leniency to the defendants. During the court hearings, Ahmad’s sister, Jazmine Arbury, described the late brother as a positive-minded guy with a big soul and a sense of humor. Jazmin also noted that Ahmad had an athletic build, curly hair, and skin that shone in the sun.

“These features,” she said to the court, “became the reason that the defendants suspected him of a dangerous criminal and chased him with a weapon in their hands. And for me, these traits speak of a young man who was full of life and energy, was like me and the people I love. ”

The mother of the murdered man, Wanda Cooper-Jones, also asked the court to hand down the most severe sentence to the criminals and admitted that she was deeply wounded by the attempts of the defendants’ lawyers to present the case in such a way that Ahmad Arbury himself caused trouble by wandering into a foreign area .

“It wasn’t that they mistook him for someone else,” Cooper-Jones said. “They targeted my son because they didn’t want him in their area. And when they couldn’t scare him well, they killed him. ”

The prosecutor at the trial, Linda Dunikoski, told an interesting detail: William Brian, who made a video of the murder, at the beginning of the trial handed it over to his lawyer, hoping that this will help him avoid punishment. In addition, during the incident, he did not have a weapon with him. However, the court recognized him as an accomplice in the murder, as a result of which Brian also received a life prison sentence, albeit with the possibility of applying for early release after 30 years, since he repented of his crime and collaborated with the police during the investigation.

The lawyers of the convicts have already announced that they will file an appeal, for which the law gives them 30 days.

The trial of all three does not end there: next month, the district court will consider the charges against them for motivated by racial hatred. Jury selection for this trial will kick off on 7 February.

Ahmad Arbury's killers sentenced to life imprisonment

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