Democrat Poll Shows Democrats Are a Threat to Democracy

By Daniel Greenfield



The Washington Post is touting its own poll which claims that Republicans and Independents are far more likely to justify political violence than Democrats, and white people are more likely to justify political violence than black people. There’s no way to know how legitimate there claims are because the crosstabs haven’t been made public, but even in the results that have been made public, the poll preps respondents by talking extensively about Jan 6.

But, even using the Post’s own released figures, it makes a compelling case that Democrats are the real threat to democracy.

Take this little comparison.


3. Do you think protesters who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, were (mostly peaceful), (mostly violent) or equally peaceful and violent?

Mostly peaceful – 19

Mostly violent – 54

Equally peaceful and violent – 27


Compare to: Do you think protests [following George Floyd’s killing] have been (mostly peaceful) or (mostly violent)?

Mostly peaceful – 43

Mostly violent – 43

Equally peaceful and violent – 13

Here we see Dems and their media doubling down on their big lie that the race riots which killed 8 people and wounded hundreds as well as causing billions in damage and devastating entire communities were “mostly peaceful”.


Here’s where it gets more damning. These numbers aren’t a surprise. The only surprise is that the Washington Post chose to group them like this.

Number of Americans who think Biden was legitimately elected

Legitimate – 69

Not Legitimate – 29

Number of Americans who think Trump was legitimately elected

Donald Trump

Legitimate – 57

Not Legitimate – 42

Number of Americans who think Obama was legitimately elected

Legitimate – 85

Not Legitimate – 14


Number of Americans who think Bush was legitimately elected

Legitimate – 62

Not Legitimate – 36


The media is treating these numbers as validating Democrats when they’re actually an indictment.

Democrats respond to an election loss by insisting that the winner is illegitimate and then trying to topple him. When they win an election, they claim that there’s a crisis of Republicans denying elections when their own numbers show exactly the opposite.

The “crisis of democracy” that Democrats keep raving about is coming from inside their own house.



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