Joe Rogan says Michelle Obama is best Democrat to take on Trump in 2024

Joe Rogan  says Michelle Obama is best Democrat to take on Trump in 2024

John Bowden

Podcaster Joe Rogan raised the idea of former first lady Michelle Obama running for president last week, and seemed to suggest that the wife of America’s 44th president was the Democratic Party’s best hope to stave off another White House takeover by Donald Trump.

Mr Rogan released an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience on Christmas Eve with stand-up comedian Tim Dillon, during which the two speculated about who would win the 2024 Democratic Party nomination for president.

During the discussion, Mr Rogan cast doubt on the idea that President Joe Biden would run for reelection, despite the president’s public and private assurances to the contrary. The two speculated about Mr Biden’s recent performances taking questions from the media, and suggested that the president’s mental faculties were declining.

“He took questions the other day, they started asking him about tests. And he just kept saying the same thing, ‘Nobody saw this coming. This Omicron.’ And it goes on for like five or six minutes. And as it goes on you’re like, oh, my God, he’s gone. He’s worse than he was a month ago. He keeps getting worse,” said the host.

“He’s progressively declining, it seems,” suggests Mr Dillon.

“Yeah,” Mr Rogan says in agreement.

The two then speculate about a potential bid by Ms Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris in 2024, with Mr Dillon accusing the White House team of trying to “ice out” Ms Harris with negative stories in the press, apparently in the hopes of avoiding rising pressure for Mr Biden to step aside.

“Michelle Obama, and they’re going to bring Harris,” Mr Rogan said.

He later added: “She’s intelligent, she’s articulate, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of like a representative of intelligent, articulate people. She could win.


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