Security guard zapped by lightning in shocking video somehow survives



By Ben Cost
It was a lucky strike.

An Indonesian security guard miraculously survived after he was struck by lightning, which vaporized his umbrella, as seen in a shocking video.

The electrifying near-miss occurred on Dec. 20, Newsflare reported, while 35-year-old Abdul Rosyid was patrolling a rainy courtyard in the coastal town of Cilincing in North Jakarta, Indonesia.

The high-voltage video starts off innocuously enough with Rosyid strolling the rain-drenched open space while toting an umbrella. Then, all of a sudden, a lightning bolt zaps the unsuspecting watchman from above, sending him toppling to the ground and disintegrating his umbrella in a shower of sparks.

The clip ends with Rosyid’s fellow security guards rushing to the aid of their co-worker, who is lying motionless on the ground.

Rosyid, who was also reportedly carrying a radio at the time of the strike, was subsequently transported to the hospital to treat his inadvertent electroshock therapy.

Thankfully, despite sustaining a direct lightning strike, the lucky soul only suffered several burns on his hand. He was discharged from the facility four days later, according to Cilincing Police Commissioner R. Manurung.


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