‘Again, Trump was right’: ‘Racist’ Teddy Roosevelt statue removed from NYC museum

‘Again, Trump was right’: ‘Racist’ Teddy Roosevelt statue removed from NYC museum

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City is down a monument of history after liberals complained a statue of President Teddy Roosevelt on horseback is racially insensitive.

It was a horrible year in 2020 to be a statue of someone other than a revered liberal hero, as castings of all manner of historical figures bit the dust. From Abraham Lincoln to Christopher Columbus, it seemed that anyone the left didn’t like (for legitimate reasons or otherwise) was at risk of being targeted for removal. Unfortunately, many of these movements were successful in their missions.

Even Teddy Roosevelt, arguably the first progressive president the United States ever saw, wasn’t safe from the torches and pitchforks.


Complainants indicated that the statue was racist, because it depicted Roosevelt on horseback while an African American and Native American man were trailing slightly behind him.

The statue won’t be destroyed or dumped in a trash pile, however. It will be transported to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota where it will be displayed.

Twitter had mixed reactions regarding the removal:


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