Are children born as atheists or believers?

Are children born as atheists or believers?

Is a child born as atheist or a believer?

Here are few viewpoints about this issue:

Everyone is born as believer. Everyone is born as nonbeliever. Belief in God is already implanted in his or her mind when a child is born. Exposure and education develop children’s belief systems. Religious alliance of the family tilts a child towards religion. Supernaturalism arrives instinctively among children. And so on.

Some emphasize that grounding children in skepticism is a healthier option.

The ancient Shvetashvatara Upanishad points out: “Know him to be enshrined in your heart always … This world is filled with the presence of God … You are born to be united with the Lord … Lord of Life is present in fire and water, plants and trees … He was before creation; he will be after dissolution … He is the inner ruler in all beings … He sows the golden seed of life … He fills the hearts of all created beings …

It also notes:

“The Lord dwells in the womb of the cosmos,

The creator who is in all creatures.

He is that which is born and to be born;

His face is everywhere.”

Are children born as atheists or believers?

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