‘Left out of the conversation’: Transgender Texans feel the impact of state’s restrictive abortion law

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Samson Winsor moved across the country from Utah to Austin in 2019, hoping he would feel less out of place. The Texas capital city had creative opportunities and cheaper living costs than places like Los Angeles and New York City while still having a substantial population of transgender people to support his identity as a transgender man.

But Winsor said he’s still afraid. Weeks after having sex with someone, he noticed his menstrual period was late. While his hormone therapy affected the consistency of his periods, he worried about the possibility of being pregnant. Winsor anxiously awaited test results, recognizing how limited his options would be if he were pregnant.

He was overcome with relief when he learned he wasn’t.

“I didn’t want to be a pregnant man in Texas,” Winsor said. “It was terrifying for me because I realized, by the time I could even confirm I was pregnant, I didn’t know if I could even get somebody to look at me or even take me seriously walking in the door.”

The Texas Legislature passed a bill during this year’s regular session that severely limited abortions in the state, banning the procedure when embryonic cardiac activity is detected, usually around six weeks into pregnancy. While the law strictly refers to pregnant women in its phrasing, the law also limits Winsor and other transgender and nonbinary people who can become pregnant from accessing abortion services in the state.

But the impact on them has scarcely been addressed by Texas policymakers. When it comes to abortion, trans people “have been left out of the conversation, which means that the impact for them is even more significant,” said Anna Rupani, executive director of Fund Texas Choice, a nonprofit that financially assists people in accessing abortions.

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Source: https://www.click2houston.com/news/texas/2021/12/21/left-out-of-the-conversation-transgender-texans-feel-the-impact-of-states-restrictive-abortion-law/?__vfz=medium%3Dconversations_top_pages

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