Alabama family court judge accused of stalking, harassment

Alabama family court judge accused of stalking, harassment

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An Alabama family court judge is accused of cyber stalking and harassing people who complained about her behavior.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Nakita Blocton, who oversees domestic relations, used Facebook to send multiple harassing messages, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a litigant who appeared in her courtroom by the state’s Judicial Inquiry Commission.

Blocton has been temporarily relieved of duty as the investigation is carried out.

Beginning last August, either Blocton or someone working on her behalf used fake Facebook accounts to harass a litigant who complained about her behavior, according to the charges. One of the messages said: “Because you have prophesied when I did not send you, and because you caused my people to believe in a lie, you and your descendants will be punished,” the complaint said.

According to the complaint, Blocton also delayed court appearances for clients who hired lawyers she did not personally like, forced staffers to take “pep” pills to work longer hours and herself used medication improperly while in court. Blocton’s attorney, Emory Anthony, dismissed the charges as spurious.

“If the complaint wasn’t a legal document, it would be a libel lawsuit,” Anthony said. “Usually, I wouldn’t make a statement when dealing the Judicial Inquiry Commission, but these allegations are so embarrassing. We hope at the proper time we’ll have the right to defend these allegations and show that they’re not true. This is just out of left field.”

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