Give Someone The Gift of a Take At Home Everlywell Test

Give Someone The Gift of a Take At Home Everlywell Test

by Tom Lorenzo

We’re still on the hunt for good holiday gifts this year. There’s still time before the holidays are upon us and if you haven’t got some gifts yet, you better get moving. And there are few gifts that are as unique and fun that’ll get to you in time for the holidays like the items over at Everlywell.

Everlywell is great because it specializes in take-home tests that help you get a better sense of your body’s health. This way you don’t have to go to the doctor’s office and wait around in the lobby until it’s time to see a professional for 3 minutes. You can get a good idea of your own accord.

There are plenty of great tests in the Everlywell store. The kinds of tests that will be very helpful these days. You can get a Covid test or a heart health test. So many of these options will be great to help you keep track of your health after a vigorous meal come Christmas time with the family.

To show you guys how great the options are over at Everlywell, we have picked out a few of our favorites that’ll fit in quite well this holiday. Someone in your life will be very happy to get one of these tests as a gift so they can make sure they are on the right track with their health

Sleep & Stress Test

If someone is feeling like they might be having some issues with their sleep, this test will help point them in the right direction of what’s ailing them.

Metabolism Test

Someone can make sure their metabolism is ok so they can know if they’re good with eating a lot this holiday without too much weight gain.

COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit

Help someone story worrying about that cold being Covid with this test that’ll keep them out of the doctors office waiting for a test.

Comprehensive Food Sensitivity Test

A lot of food is gonna be going around this holiday. And with this test, someone can make sure they’re not sensitive to any of said food so they can fully enjoy the holiday.

Heart Health Test

Make sure someone’s heart is healthy enough to handle the hearty meals that are gonna be going around this holiday season.

Give Someone The Gift of a Take At Home Everlywell Test

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