Bible museum puts up transgender Jesus exhibit

Bible museum puts up transgender Jesus exhibit

A German bible museum has created a controversial exhibit that displays Jesus Christ as being transgender.

“For some years now, society has been opening up to non-binary gender concepts. We sometimes have heated debates about gender-equitable language. It seems to be one of the burning issues of our time. Take a look at the diversity of gender identities from biblical and modern times and find a divine answer that fits all questions: You are good as you are,” the museum’s website says.

The Bibelhaus Frankfurt displays three artifacts from its transgender Jesus exhibit on their website including a 3,000-year-old clay statue of the Sumerian goddess Asherah, an image of the “new Adam,” and a statue of Austrian drag queen singer Conchita Wurst, real name Thomas Neuwirth, according to Fox News.

The artifacts are presented to suggest the more gender-fluid attitudes of ancient societies during biblical times.

“Is what we call God fluid between the sexes?” Angela Dorn, Hessian minister for science and art, asks in the museum’s greeting to visitors.

In addition to the exhibit, the Bible museum also hosted a play entitled “Jesus Queen of Heaven” on Dec. 15, according to the Bibelhaus website.

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