5 Children Die In Bouncy Castle Incident

5 Children Die In Bouncy Castle Incident


Five children died after falling from a bouncy castle in Australia on Thursday when it was lifted into the air by a gust of wind, the Associated Press reported.

The incident occurred at a celebration hosted by a school in Tasmania to mark the end of the year, the AP reported. Five other children are being treated at the hospital after the fall, with four in critical condition.

Those who perished include three middle school students, meaning they were around 10 to 11 years old, Tasmania police Commissioner Darren Hine said, the AP reported. He announced that an investigation into the accident was underway.

“Several children fell from the jumping castle,” Tasmania police commander Debbie Williams told reporters Thursday, the AP reported. “It appears they may have fallen from a height of approximately 10 meters.”

Parents arrived at the school to pick up their children as helicopters carried the injured to the hospital, the AP reported. Tasmania state Premier Peter Gutwein called what happened “simply inconceivable” and expressed confidence that the community “will stand together and support one another.”

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