Husband pushes his wife to ‘honor him’ by getting a tattoo with his name

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been together for 16 years and have two little boys. Since we were young we have wanted tattoos, but we couldn’t afford them and I couldn’t decide what kind I wanted. Recently, the subject came up again, and I decided I’d get one that symbolizes my motherhood.

At first, my husband seemed all for it, but then he started joking about where his name would go on it. I responded that his name would never be part of my tattoo because it would be about being a MOM. I also said I don’t plan to get a tattoo of him because, although I know we’ll grow old together, if something happened to him, I’d be stuck with it forever.

He was hurt by that remark and now thinks I’m questioning our future together. Mind you, his tattoo has nothing to do with me or our kids, and I’d never ask him to do that. Now he’s pushing me to “honor him” in a tattoo. I still feel strongly about the “mother” ink being  one and only. Should I add his name, or is a tattoo not the best route? — FEELING GUILTY IN TEXAS

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