Former Houston police chief Art Acevedo has a new job — as a commentator with CNN

Former Houston police chief Art Acevedo has a new job — as a commentator with CNN

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Former Chief Art Acevedo — recently fired from his job in Miami — has found a new job: he’s now a TV news commentator.

The former Houston police chief tweeted Tuesday that he’d joined CNN as a commentator focused on law enforcement and criminal justice.

Acevedo, chief in Houston from late 2016 to 2021, was a constant presence on local media and in the pages of this newspaper — so much so that officers sometimes joked the most dangerous place to be was between him and a microphone.

But his relationship with the media in the Bayou City soured after the Harding Street drug raid, in which a narcotics raid in south Houston devolved into a firefight, ending with the deaths of two homeowners and multiple police injured.

Acevedo argued that his leadership ferreted out the misconduct, but the scandal nevertheless cast a pall over his tenure here and led to serious scrutiny of the department’s anti-drug operations.

He announced a move to Miami earlier this year. He got off to a rocky start almost immediately. City commissioners in the Magic City objected to his hiring, which came as a surprise because Acevedo never formally applied. He then became enmeshed in a slew of controversies, including firing several officers, and drawing flak for making comments comparing the Miami Police Department’s leaders to the “Cuban mafia.”

In October, city officials fired him.

Questions had swirled about Acevedo’s next steps after his brief and stormy tenure in Miami came to an end earlier this fall. Acevedo flirted with the idea of running for sheriff of Los Angeles County — a move that would have taken him back to California, where he spent the first two decades of his law enforcement career. At the last moment, however, he decided not to run, saying the timing was not right.

In a brief phone Acevedo said his new gig was a natural fit and that he’d written a newspaper column in both high school and college.

The move means Acevedo will be colleagues with journalists (including this reporter) who once attempted to hold him accountable during his time as chief.

“I have joined the media,” he joked.

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