Racial segregation implemented at Colorado public school playground

Racial segregation implemented at Colorado public school playground

By Libby Emmons

A Colorado public school has created an event called “The Families of Color Playground Night.” The event is scheduled for every second Wednesday of the month, weather permitting, per the school’s Facebook page.

The event was announced on a sign outside the school. Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo broke the news on Twitter. The event was organized by Nicole Tembrock, who is the Dean of Culture. It’s unclear if the event is only for “Families of Color” or simply prioritizes them in some way.

The event began in September, and was announced by Centennial Elementary with pride. “All parents and caretakers,” the notice reads, “Centennial leadership and the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee welcome you to join us … for an introduction to this year’s Community Equity Collective!”

Dave Kopel, a law professor at the University of Denver, cited Rufo’s tweet and accompanied it with a citation of Article IX of the Colorado Constitution.

That reads: “Article IX, Section 8. “Religious test and race discrimination forbidden – sectarian tenets. No religious test or qualification shall ever be required of any person as a condition of admission into any public educational institution of the state, either as a teacher or student; and no teacher or student of any such institution shall ever be required to attend or participate in any religious service whatsoever. No sectarian tenets or doctrines shall ever be taught in the public school, nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color, nor shall any pupil be assigned or transported to any public educational institution for the purpose of achieving racial balance.”

Per Great Schools, the demographics of the school are that students are primarily Hispanic or white.

Segregation was prohibited on a federal level by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Progressive activists and educators have been reimplementing racial segregation under the guise of social justice.

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