Ring doorbell footage captures potentially deadly new TikTok trend

Ring doorbell footage captures potentially deadly new TikTok trend

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Kelsey Weekman

Authorities so often wrongfully blame TikTok for starting real-life trends that it has become a joke to young people. But this time, a TikTok trend really has become a nuisance.

To the tune of “Die Young” by Kesha, users have been pounding twice on doors with their fists or feet. Then they run away as fast as possible to avoid getting caught. It’s like “ding-dong ditch” for the digital age.


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Most videos take place in dorm halls, but there have been enough instances of frightened homeowners in various neighborhoods that police had to step in.

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According to Fox News, Jennifer Pritchard of the Petaluma Police Department in Petaluma, California, said the prank presents a real danger to homeowners who aren’t familiar with the trend. It could become “a real life-or-death situation” if someone thinks their door is being kicked down in a home invasion.

“You don’t know what ways they’ll protect [themselves] that could cause real, real harm,” she told the site. “When people think their home or their family is threatened, they are going to give an equal response to protect their property or family.”


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The local Fox affiliate in Orlando reported that a woman named Denise Marrs experienced “absolute terror.” While she was watching TV with her family, she heard someone kicking on the door.

“It was terrifying. I mean, I can’t even express how scary it was,” she told the station.

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Her husband Doug said he went into “fight mode” — until they looked back on Ring doorbell footage and realized the whole thing might have been a prank.

“We used to do a doorbell ditch type of thing, but I think this is way worse than that,” Doug said. “It’s not funny. You could have gotten hurt, we could have gotten hurt, some other houses … you probably would have gotten hurt.”

Days later, the Lincoln Police Department received several complaints from residents saying someone kicked their doors, according to Fox Nebraska.

Pritchard warned TikTok users that the “Die Young” challenge is dangerous; not only for potentially frightened homeowners, but it toes the line with criminal acts such as vandalism, breaking and entering and property damage.


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The “door knocking” trend is one of many TikTok challenges that you should avoid due to potentially dangerous consequences.


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