Family Claims Driver Destroyed Elderly Couple’s Instacart Grocery Order Because Of Pro-Police Lawn Sign

Family Claims Driver Destroyed Elderly Couple’s Instacart Grocery Order Because Of Pro-Police Lawn Sign

By Gabriel Keane

A Minnesota woman claims a $50 Instacart grocery order intended for two elderly relatives was deliberately destroyed by a delivery driver who took offense to a yard sign that expressed support for the local police department.

Attached to the Facebook post about the incident are photos of the alleged driver’s profile picture, the smashed groceries, and a hateful, left-wing note addressed to the elderly couple. Instacart has stated that it is taking the matter seriously and it has been reported to their Trust and Safety Team for review.

In the original Facebook post, Amber Gray writes. “Today two of my elderly relatives were victims of a hateful act. Targeted because of a small yard sign supporting their local police department.”

The post states that “This morning they made an Instacart grocery purchase to be delivered to their door. Nothing crazy. Just a couple of bags worth. They received the usual notifications; Tara is shopping, Tara is on her way, Tara is in your neighborhood.”

“Worried that Tara might struggle in their un-shoveled driveway, they rushed out to meet her,” the post continues. “As they opened the door they heard Tara screaming for them to check inside their Christmas wreath. It also seemed that she was stuck in the driveway, rocking the car back and forth to get free? Seeing no groceries anywhere they checked the wreath. To their utter disbelief they found a hateful note crudely scribbled on a random receipt.” The note reads, “Instacart doesn’t pay employees sry find another slave f**k the police racist pigs”.

Gray goes on to write that “Tara probably doesn’t know how carefully those $50 in groceries were budgeted for. Or how devastating the recent medical diagnosis has been. Or how scared and vulnerable her vile act of hatred made them feel.”

Instacart replied to a Twitter post inquiring about the alleged incident on Sunday by writing, “We truly understand the concern with this matter and we can confirm that this has been reported to our Trust and Safety Team for review. We take these matters seriously! – Lupita”

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